Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midnight in the Dollhouse MEETING & Snuffy Blog!

We're having a meeting today at the Wylde Kingdom Grange. Business meeting, about Midnight in the Dollhouse and upcoming things. 

I got the Grange all cleaned up and snapped this picture of Snuffy, my toy elephant, hanging out.

And that got me thinking. Wendy thinks toy photography is so fun, maybe I should try it too?

'Cause Snuffy is a GREAT toy, and I like photographing him.

So, I made a blog for my Snuffy photography. It's The Shuffling Snuffy, and you can see it here -

I'm kind of excited to have a new project. Check it out and hopefully there will be more Snuffy photographs soon!

- Miri (Snuffy Handler & Toy Photographer)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I treated myself to a crochet pattern from Sweet Silver Creations, and I love it!

But there's no time for crocheting today!

I gotta get the Grange ready for our big Midnight in the Dollhouse planning meeting tomorrow!

Wish me luck. It seems bigger in here now that I have to sweep it all.

- Miri

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Toy Photography

Getting just the perfect picture of a toy...

Is not always as glamorous as it may seem.

But the toys we love are worth it. Snuffy is a great photographic subject. I probably need to take more pictures of him.

Even if it means sometimes laying on the floor in unglamorous positions.

- Miri

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1st - Springtime in Colorado

It is May 1st.

I am making snow angels on Wendy's car.

Welcome to Springtime in Colorado.

- Miri

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Snowy Day of Blank Books

It seemed like maybe Spring had come to Colorado.


So, since it was a snowy day and I had no particular place to go, I thought I'd head to C&M.

There I was, shelving and pricing like a good little book store owner.

And for some reason, I found myself flipping through one of the books I was shelving.

And... it's blank!


So, I started going through the other books on the shelf.

ALSO blank.

I threw the blank ones down to the 1st floor, since I have no need for blank books.

But the more I looked...

... the more blank books I found!

I just kept throwing them over the balcony into a pile.

And the pile of books grew...

and grew...

and GREW!

I don't know which is more depressing. That I've been so happy about having a book store that was full of blank books...

... or that I didn't notice until NOW. I mean, SOME of the books have print, but not very many. Not enough. But, I'll fix it.

Who wants a book store full of books you can't read?!?

One cool thing did come out of all this, though. Here, I'll show you.

Check it out, a book of "Manhole Covers of the World".

Seriously, it's all just pictures of manhole covers. Weird. But I'll show you my favorite.

Little smiling manhole cover. Wouldn't that be crazy to see?

Anyway, my work is pretty much cut out for me. I gotta find more printed books. We have our own printing company ("Wylde Kingdom Press") and we've made SOME books (some for sale too - Midnight in the Dollhouse on Etsy), but we need more. Lots more! Like a bookstore full!

I'll let you know how it goes.

- Miri

Friday, April 8, 2016

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Miranda: You know what's a good idea?

Miranda: Starting an internet business with your friends. That's a good idea.

You know what's NOT a good idea?

Miranda: Having only one laptop and ending up with everyone meeting in your kitchen whenever there's business stuff.

Especially a kitchen  as small as mine is.

Miranda: Everyone needs a laptop. That's all there is to it. So I need to go shopping for laptops. Right away!

Lottie: Miri! You're out of ice cream! And we ate all the cake. And we're out of that pop I like...

Miranda: *sigh*

Miranda: And ice cream. Apparently I need to go shopping for ice cream and pop right away too.

Business is always a party with pixies. 

- Miri

Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Are The Dolls Behind Midnight in the Dollhouse

We are the pixie/doll owners behind Midnight in the Dollhouse.

L - R: Lottie Daw, Miranda Wylde (me) and Eve Woodlee.

We are going to do cool things.

I know we are.

And first, we need to put the Wylde Kingdom back in order because it's a mess. At least it's three of us. Wish us luck. The Kingdom doesn't seem like all that big a place until you have to clean it.

- Miri